4th October 2016

‘The Darkest Dawn’ will be the first release on new digital studio ‘Wildseed Movies’ with support from Pinewood Studios


Award winning British digital studio Wildseed, today announced the launch of the Wildseed Movies. Wildseed Movies will develop and produce a series of ‘microbuster’ genre feature films which will be distributed directly to digital audiences. Productions on the Wildseed Movies slate are financed with the support of Pinewood Studios, who see the pioneering young studio as a chance to nurture fresh new talent on innovative platforms.

Wildseed Movies will deliver bold stories with global appeal on a digital budget, capitalising on the revolution in production and direct to fan distribution technology, satisfying thedemand from millennial audience for big entertainment experiences. Routes to this audience will include direct to consumer digital distribution, partnerships with the burgeoning number of international SVOD services aimed at younger audiences and fan requested theatrical screenings.

The first film in the initiative, The Darkest Dawn, the sequel to cult hit Hungerford, is a British sci-fi horror that follows two teenage sisters and their fight to survive an alien apocalypse. Directed by and starring award-winning director Drew Casson, The Darkest Dawn introduces a new generation of YouTube stars includingBethan Leadley, Cherry Wallis and Stuart Ashen and is produced by Jesse Cleverly (Hungerford) and Miles Bullough (A Matter of Loaf & Death) for Wildseed Studios.

Pinewood Studios CEO Ivan Dunleavy said “We are excited by the opportunity to support this business to deliver on its ambitions as it offers Pinewood a unique digital distribution platform and an opportunity to discover aspiring directors.”

Wildseed Studios Managing Director Miles Bullough said “We are so delighted to be supported by a British film institution like Pinewood and to give emerging filmmakers the opportunity to make big, entertaining films for youthful audiences and to develop and deploy direct to consumer distribution methodologies.”


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