Film Synopsis

The Darkest Dawn is a big, brash, British sci-fi movie that tells the story of two teenage sisters as Britain descends into an alien apocalypse. Told through the eyes of the younger sister, the film charts the sisters’ descent into a post apocalyptic hell where they must choose between humanity and brutality in the fight for survival. Having lost their family in the initial chaos, the sisters unite with another group of survivors and embark on an odyssey out of a totally devastated London and into the badlands of Britain under alien occupation.

The Darkest Dawn, the second film in the award-winning Hungerford franchise, stars major UK-based YouTube stars Bethan Leadley, Cherry Wallis and Stuart Ashen. The film is presented by Wildseed Movies, a new digital movie label from Wildseed Studios which gives the most exciting emerging talent the biggest possible canvas on which to paint huge, entertaining genre stories.

Wildseed Movies

Wildseed Movies, a joint venture between Wildseed Studios and Pinewood Studios, is a brand new digital movie label which produces punky genre feature films aimed at millennial audiences. 

The label has been designed to empower a new generation of talent, to use the latest production and distribution technology and create feature films for tailor-made audiences. 


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