8th November 2016

Check out our GALLERY OF AWESOMENESS from MCM London Comic Con 2016


We came, we saw, we took a lot of photos! Oh and we had our film premiere too! MCM London Comic Con feels like home for us and we’ve long hand stands there under our ‘Wildseed Studios’ hat. This year was rather special for us though, launching The Darkest Dawn, the first film on our Wildseed Movies label. How would people react? Would they ‘get it’? The answer was a resounding YES!

We owe a HUGE THANK YOU everyone who came to our stand, had their photo taken, picked up a flyer, talked to us, watched our premiere, came and bought a poster or got an autograph from the cast. We loved meeting every one of you and your support on our independent British film is helping us stick one in the eye of Hollywood!

We’ve uploaded all our photos to a gallery for you to view and share. Please use the hashtag #thedarkestdawn so we can check it out. Click the image below to view the whole gallery!