The Cast

Get to know more about the cast of the movie The Darkest Dawn.

Tom Scarlett as "Adam"

Adam arrives in the story desperate to find his sister Phil, and full of anger for Cowen who he blames for her being lost when the invasion began. Adam, perhaps more than any other characters, struggles to maintain his humanity in the face of the brutality all around him. Adam is played by Tom Scarlett, reprising the role from Hungerford.

Georgia Bradley as "Phil"

Phil, sister to Adam and friend to Kipper and Cowen, was lost in the chaos after the alien invasion began. Adam blames Cowen for this fact and the three friends are searching for her everywhere.  Phil is played by actress Georgia Bradley, reprising the role of Phil from Hungerford for which she won Best Actress at Fantasporto Film Festival in 2014.

Sam Carter as "Kipper"

Kipper is the quiet conscience of the group, gently reminding them in amongst the chaos and violence that their humanity is their most precious possession. Kipper learns that while love is found in the strangest places, it only makes the constant danger unbearable. Kipper is played by Sam Carter, reprising the role from Hungerford.

Mark Cusack as "Sarge"

An good hearted NCO who has been charged with delivering the mysterious “Ascalon”  to a rendezvous point with the military’s last working chopper while struggling to come to terms with loss of his family and keep control of his increasingly feral men. Sarge is played by newcomer Mark Cusack.