Drew Casson


22 year old Director Drew Casson has been making YouTube videos since he was twelve. After painting his mother’s shed green for a green screen and borrowing his Dad’s handy cam, Drew set about making Hollywood special effects epics from his house in a small English town. 

One of his early films, a Harry Potter tribute, attracted the attention of the powers-that-be who were convinced that this was member of their crew moonlighting. Luckily Drew had the letter from his headmaster giving his permission to use the school hall and they called the dogs off. 

Drew was offered a place at film school but chose instead to continue making his films – working with a tightly knit group of friends and acting as creator, director, actor, editor and special effects supervisor. 

Wildseed Studios teamed up with Drew to produce a 90 minute, special effects heavy horror sci-fi about a small English Town being taken over by aliens. This micro-budget production was shot over 9 days in July in the south west of England with an unknown, largely amateur cast but with Drew’s usual layer of horror, stunning special effects and action. Entitled Hungerford, it’s also a coming of age story, shot vlog style, where a group of kids need to decide if they are going to waste away in a dead-end town or break out and be who they really can be. 

The film went on to win at Berlin Independent Film Festival, as Porto Film Festival, and premiered at the BFI last May – making Drew the youngest director on record to have a feature screened there. 

Drew and Wildseed began shooting The Darkest Dawn in April 2015.

Download high-resolution poster here